European Events

The 12th Century Renaissance was a revival of interest in writing, speciafically in Latin. Greek, Arabic, and other historical texts were translated to Latin so the west could read it. There was also a revival in the enforcement of roman law in western monarchs. Most of the west sought to wipe away the old feudalism systems from the itme of the barbarian.

The next major historical event was the rise of universities (1088AD) in the west. The first official university was established in Italy. It was not primarily for learning math and grammar, but debating on religious philosophy.

Thomas Aquinas, 1270 AD, was an Italian Dominician frier, catholic priest, and philosopher. He is known for writing one of the most impressive texts in philosophical history. His writings combat many arguments that were made against the existence of God. His works were very popular in its time, and various high positions in the church were offered to Aquinias, he turned all of them down.

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